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School Based Behavioral Health


CSBBH services are voluntary mental health services for children and teenagers with severe emotional and/or behavioral problem that interferes with their functioning at school, at home, or in the community.

The CSBBH serves to provide a clinical home for children and their families. Focused on the needs and issues of all in the family, care is provided as needed in school, in your home, or in the community during the day, in the evening, or on weekends.

Blair Family Solutions currently has a CSBBH team in the following schools

Penn Lincoln Elementary

Ebner Elementary

Altoona Area Junior High

Altoona Area High School

Tyrone Elementary and Middle School

Additional Information

  • First step in starting CSBBH is having you child evaluated by one of our Mental Health Professionals, under the supervision of a psychologist. Once this is completed and CSBBH is determined to be the best service for your child and family, a meeting will take place with you, the school, CCBH (insurance) and any other members of the treatment team that are currently involved.
  • CSBBH can start quickly once the referral is accepted. Services will start the day that the meeting is held as long as the insurance company agrees that CSBBH is the most appropriate service.
  • The team has an office/room at each school location. This can be used to provide services to you or your child during school day.
  • Family involvement is an important part of treatment for your child. We will request to meet with you on a regular basis. These sessions will be designed to be flexible with your schedule and may vary in frequency or duration over the course of treatment.
  • Group work can be done with your child and other children in the program who need to build skills in similar areas.
  • CSBBH staff will provide consultation and training to school staff in order to enhance the child’s success at school.

  • CSBBH can provide individual work with your child at school and in the classroom if behavioral/mental health support is needed. Individual work can also be done in our office at the school if your child needs individual therapy sessions, skill building work or a break for regulation.
  • Case management services are available if your child/family have additional needs that the team cannot meet. This may include connection to additional services that are not behavioral/mental health or to resources your family might need.
  • A summer program is offered for your child and any siblings that may benefit and will be held at the school location where your child is enrolled. The program will offer individual and group work with other children in the program and will include a community component. The delivery of the summer program is flexible to meet your child and family needs.

CSBBH is an all-inclusive service which means that the team will take over providing any behavioral or mental health services with the exception of psychiatric care or medication management. Any other services that were being provided to the child will transition out and end once CSBBH starts service. This would include outpatient, BHRS service (TSS, BSC, MT), Case management or any other family therapy program.

The CSBBH program is a team delivered service. Each team has a licensed therapist and behavioral health workers. Although the licensed therapist will be assigned to provide family therapy, you should expect your child and family to become familiar with the entire team. Any member of the team may provide service to you and your child in school, in the home or in community settings.

Contact Information

Brett Miller

(814) 944-9970 x202