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IBHS Program

Individualized Behavioral Health Services (IBHS), also known as Wraparound, are individualized, child-centered, and family-focused services provided within the home, school, and community settings with the goal to build child and family competencies that will enhance functioning in all domains. The goal is to keep children with their families and to decrease the need for out-of-home placement.

BHRS treatment is provided by Behavioral Specialist Consultants, Mobile Therapists and Therapeutic Support Staff. While Blair Family Solutions provides traditional services within the wraparound model, the goal is to provide creative and unique services to children and their families.

Collaboration between Blair Family Solutions staff and community agencies is emphasized greatly. The goal to surround the child and family with professionals who will work closely together with each other and the family, creates a process where the family is given a voice, empowerment and hope. All services are individualized and designed to create competencies. The focus of the treatment is on the child and family's capabilities rather than their deficits.

Contact Information

Julie Waite

(814) 944-9970 Ext. 211

[email protected]